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Vacuum Insulation Cryogenic Storage Tank 8200 gallons + (Call for Pricing)

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The vacuum insulated cryogenic tank is widely used in machinery, chemical, chemical fiber, medical, food, metallurgy, mining, electronic and military industries.
1. good durability and security.
2. compact structure, small footprint, centralized control.
3. excellent heat preservation, small evaporation loss.
4. easy operation and maintenance.

Vacuum insulated cryogenic tank is double-walled cylindrical vacuum tank with low thermal conductive perlite sand in between. The sand layer goes through vacuum treatment to reduce loss due to evaporation. The tank has two lower liquid inlet valves. While one is working, the other one stands by. So, even if one of them is damaged, the tank still works normally.

condition: good
make / manufacturer: Minnesota Valley Engineering
model name / number: HCS 6000 SP250
size / dimensions: 23' x 8' Diameter